Dec 05

Headlight Tints

Have a look at our latest work. We’ve recently installed perforated film to a number of our customers headlights. Completely MOT legal, we can install it to both headlights and rear lights.

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Nov 21

Window Film – Advancing Technology

With the architectural world escalating in to a fusion of creative visions and pushing boundaries, the compulsion to create complex building structures is a reflection of the 21st Century tendency to build upwards and more efficiently. (Take for example the “Vertical City” proposal for the new Peruri 88 Tower in Jakarta, Indonesia). The world has moved on now from simply designing something for its aesthetic qualities; 21st Century architecture is all about generating structures which fulfill principled, purposeful, cohesive and functional criteria. Therefore the desire for innovative products has never been greater.

MVM’s glass fabrication products provide an additional dimension to both structural glazing and internal glass furnishings. Our window films, laminates and vinyl coatings have been used in a variety of interesting projects. From movie productions (Our safety window film was applied to areas of glazing at the Royal Opera House in London, in preparation for stunt work being carried out during the making of the first Sherlock Holmes film) to carbon reduction schemes (using solar control films on commercial buildings to reduce the need for air conditioning units in the summer). 

More and more can be achieved now in the window film industry with advancements in digital printing, and thermal control technologies, enabling us to turn any space in to a bespoke, purposefully constructed area. 


Nov 13

Window Film – Home Interior Design Ideas

Modern interior design embraces glass. Whether it’s to enhance light, create the illusion of space or to give a contemporary, cutting edge feel. Having a bright, unspoiled look in the home is without doubt a popular one. On the other hand, becoming increasingly less popular are those dreaded, frilly window accessories that we are all outrageously guilty of owning at one stage… net curtains!

Despite their dated appearance they did serve a purpose; to give street level windows, bathrooms and bedrooms some added privacy. Today, you can achieve this privacy as well as maintaining the spacious, uncluttered look that glass creates with the simple application of window film. Frosted window film has been a popular choice for commercial properties, as it looks great on glass facades for its subtle and elegant advertising, so why not bring this elegance in to the home.

For glass front doors why not apply a frosted film with your house number cut out? Or on street level living room windows having a plain frost applied can obscure vision in to your home whilst still letting the light pass through. Here at MVM Window Films we can supply made to measure frosted designs, or you can purchase plain frosted film by the metre at our online shop.

For a touch of contemporary interior design, you can also apply frosted film to bathroom screens. Whether its a glass partition, shower screen or a bath mounted screen, adding a sophisticated design is a highly cost effective way of giving your bathroom the finishing touch it needs (without the need for having expensive tinted or etched glass installed). Have a look at these beautiful bathroom screen designs by Italian designer Antonio Lupi for inspiration..

Frosted films can give a similar effect to the elegant designs of Antonio Lupi

Frosted films can give a similar effect to the elegant designs of Antonio Lupi

Frosted film can give a similar effect to the elegant designs of Antonio Lupi

Although these designs are etched or tinted glass, there are many benefits of using a frosted film instead; its easier to install and is something you could apply at home yourself, not to mention it is cost effective and can be quickly changed or replaced if you require a new design.

If frosted window film something you are interested in having in your home, then take a look at our online shop or our website Alternatively you can call us on 0845 270 3518 or email me at

Nov 06

Car Window Tints & Body Wraps – MVM Window Films

Looking for a local car window tinting company?

For a limited time only, MVM Window Films present the opportunity for you to receive a £10 discount on a full auto tint!

Ideal as a Christmas present for any car fanatics in the family; our professional in-house installers will have your car looking stylish in no time. With our range of premium quality films, you can create whichever effect suits you; whether its a slick limo black or a subtle hint of smoky charcoal. For practicality or as an accessory, car tinting provides both privacy and security benefits as well as creating an ultra-smart look.

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Oct 26

Reflective Silver Window Film – Which one is Right for You?

Reflective Silver Window Film – Which one is Right for You?

Here at MVM Window Films, a lot of our customer enquiries are based around “mirrored” (Reflective Silver) window film.  Whether it’s for application to their home, conservatory or place of work; reflective silver films are by far one of the most popular window films on the market. So as you would expect, being a popular product there isn’t just one single type. Reflective Silver films vary and therefore we feel it is important that you are given the correct information, helping you to make the best decision whilst clearing up any confusion.

So, why would I need a Reflective Silver film?

You may have noticed when looking at certain commercial buildings that the windows quite often display a ‘mirrored effect’ making you unable to see through what would otherwise be clear glass. From the inside of the building however, the view to the outside is not obscured, producing a one way privacy effect. This is just one of the properties of Reflective Silver film; ideal for offices and commercial buildings with a lot of architectural glass or for your own residential privacy. It has to be noted that the one way privacy effect works only during the day, or when it is lighter outside then it is on the inside. Reflective Silver films work on light balance, so if it is lighter on the inside then the outside the effect is reversed.

Secondly, areas with a high proportion of structural glass (such as conservatories, offices, galleries, gyms etc.) are likely to experience uncomfortable temperature increases both in summer months and on hot days in general due to their exposure to the sun. Furthermore, having a lot of glass makes your belongings (Furniture, paintings etc.) vulnerable to UV fading and damage. The application of Reflective Silver window film is ideal for reducing these effects. With the ability to cut UV by 99% avoiding unsightly fading as well as potentially producing temperature reductions of between 20-40%, Reflective Silver window film has fantastic solar reduction properties.

What types of reflective silver film are there?

Here at MVM we offer a range of Reflective Silver films to suit your individual needs. The three main types are RS20, RS35 and RS50. In terms of colour and light transmission: RS20 is the darkest with a 20% light transmission (meaning 20% of the total visible sunlight passes through the glass) and RS50 is the lightest with a visible light transmission of 50% (meaning half of the total visible sunlight passes through the glass). As you would expect, RS50 has a weaker reflectivity meaning the temperature/solar reductions are not as high as RS20 which has a far greater reflectivity and therefore greater temperature/solar reductions. RS35 is somewhere between the two.

Which one is Right for Me?

So that’s it! There‘s the basic guide for choosing the right Reflective Silver window film. If you have any further questions, are still confused about which film to choose, or would like to place an order, feel free to contact us on 0845 270 3518. Alternatively you can email me at with any queries.

Oct 23

Safety Film For Windows – MVM Window Films

Safety Window Film from MVM 

Having a commercial property in an urban area means preventative security measures are vital. Scenes of cracked glazing, broken shop windows and pavements littered with shattered glass can be reduced with the simple application of our safety window film. Whilst giving you peace of mind, MVM safety window films ensure glass resists breakage from both intentional and unintentional impact.

Despite many of us being accustomed to the feeling that safety regulations are an excessive hindrance, they are a compulsory aspect of modern glazing used in both residential and commercial architecture. From shop facades to gyms and schools, the need to ensure your glass reaches safety standards is a must!

The solution? 

Our safety window film provides the correct protection at a fraction of the cost of glazing replacement.

From bomb blast protection to full anti-bandit protection, our CL100, CL175, CL200 and CL300 safety films provide varying levels of glazing enhancement in order to meet current safety standards. These include:

  • ISO 16933 Explosion Resistant Security Glazing
  • BS EN 356 Anti-Bandit
  • BS EN 12600 Classes 1b and 2b Glazing Safety Standard

Our trained installers are able to supply and fit the relevant safety films to overhead glazing, shop fronts, curtain walling, cashier screens, kiosks, display cabinets, gyms, schools and more. Wherever your glass needs strengthening MVM can survey, quote and install the correct film for purpose. Whether it’s a small installation or a large contract, we have the experience to supply and install safety window film to a professional standard. Shield yourself from glass failure with MVM Window Films.

Don’t leave it too late to realise the value of reinforcing your glazing – protect it today.

  • Call us for a full technical data sheet on - 0845 270 3518 – and we can book in a survey at the most convenient time for you
  • Visit our website at –
  • or email your enquiries to -

Oct 09

Decorative Window Film – Fulfill Your Creative Vision With MVM

Simplistic elegance, airy spaces and edgy design. Modern architecture often incorporates both external and internal glazing, creating a contemporary, clean cut environment to work in. However, with all that glass comes featureless, clinical spaces which lack identity and purpose. So how do you put your stamp on it quickly and cost effectively?

Turn blank glass in to an architectural statement  with MVM Window Films.

Here at MVM Window Films we believe commercial and architectural glass should be made interesting, and with the ability to supply and install almost any design to suit you, our decorative film is a brilliant visual enhancer without the need for complete glass replacement (which lets face it, requires way more upheaval than is necessary). The best part is its flexible too. So if your image needs updating again in a few years time, then simply have the film removed and replaced. Easy.

If you’re struggling for ideas, you may want to check out what types of decorative film are available. So for inspiration visit our website at and go to ‘Decorative Films’ for further information. Or if you want some samples to test against your glazing, give us a call on 0845 270 3518 and we’ll happily send some to you direct.

Whether you would prefer a textured effect, a vibrant colour or a subtle frost – MVM Decorative Window Films can create a tailor made environment reflecting your company style.


Oct 01

The Future of Energy Efficiency – LLumar EnerLogic Window Film From MVM

Clear Vision – Clear Conscience

  The pressure to make our homes and places of work more energy efficient is increasing. With new government targets for carbon reduction, going ‘green’ is no doubt edging its way to the top of your priorities.

So, like many of us you’re looking for a simple yet effective solution?

Think LLumar EnerLogic Window Film.

With its year round energy efficiency, EnerLogic transforms your standard glass in to  intelligent, high performance glazing. Its innovative Low-E coating reflects both solar heat and radiant heat back to its source. With its 15 year warranty, the EnerLogic range provides you with long term green house gas reduction, without the need for expensive window replacements. Conserve heat in winter, banish it in summer, without any visual impingement.

MVM Window Films are a proud Authorised Fitment Centre of LLumar window film. So for more information on becoming energy efficient, contact us today on

0845 270 3518

or email us at

Sep 25

Vehicle Wrapping – Promote Your Business

Thinking of a bold way to fuel interest in your business? Give your company car a facelift and invest in some vehicle vanity with a car body wrap at MVM Window Films.

Vehicle advertising is an effective way of exposing your company to a wider audience, giving you the recognition needed for succesful marketing; The more you are seen, the more you’ll be recognised.

The flexibility of car wrapping makes it an ideal advertising tool. Whether your promotions need updating, or your design requires a revamp; car wraps can be removed and replaced as needed.

So why not stand out and make a statement with your vehicle?

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MVM Vehicle Wraps – Drive your company to success.

Sep 20

Solar Reduction Window Film

Is your conservatory more roasting than relaxing? Are your work premises more oven than office? If the answer is yes then MVM Window Films is the solution.

Having conservatories, curtain walling or glass facades is great architecturally, but the initial aesthetic pleasure can often be overshadowed when faced with the realities of sweltering heat, too much glare and harmful UV. This is where MVM comes in. Our range of solar reduction window film is a practical, long lasting and non-invasive solution to each of these solar setbacks.

So how does it work?

Our Reflective Silver window films have the technical ability to reduce heat gain by up to 73%, decrease visible glare by 83%, as well as blocking 99% of UV rays. In other words, if in summer the temperature of a building were to increase by 10°C, then the addition of window film would reduce this figure to an increase of only 2°C. We’ve all experienced the unbearable feeling of being the ant under a magnifying glass and the enveloping nature architectural glazing; but with results like this why continue to suffer?

For a full technical data sheet or any further enquiries, call us now on 0845 270 3518 or you can email us at Alternatively, find us on facebook or visit our website at, and have a look at our full product range.

So turn down the temperature and say goodbye to glare. MVM solar reduction films – could you improve your environment?

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